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What Is Craigslist Posting Software?

screenshotThe Craigslist Posting Software is an advance software that allows you to post and manage multiple ads in various categories and cities on

Our software helps take the hassle out of ad management and give you full control of your internet marketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for questions about our software? Well you have come to the right place to answer your pre-sales inquires.

Simply click on any of the questions located below in our Questions and Answers section.

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Questions and Answers:

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Yes, a list of these additional modules are available for the software and can be found by clicking here.

Yes, new features are added often and made available to subscribers automatically through our software.

Depending on how busy is usually it takes a few minutes and in some cases as long as an hour.

You can find complete program description in the demo along with a complete help and FAQ section. Download the demo by clicking here.

Yes. Our auto posting software with it's additional modules does allow for you to post with one click. With a little bit of time up front to setup up your campaigns and cities once this is complete you can literally click the Post button and be on your way.

If you are willing to put in some time in, you can stand out and may be among the 5% that actually post multiple ads to Craigslist on a regular basis.

Remember treat posting like a business. Be smart and plan your ad campaigns wisely.

The Craigslist Posting Software uses advanced proprietary technology to make each of your ads unique when posting. In addition, when you purchase the program, you will receive a comprehensive User Guide. By following the steps in our guide, you have a higher chance of keeping your ad from getting flagged.

Yes it does. If the Craigslist Posting Software receives such e-mails, it will clear the status rows of these ads. Next time they'll be chosen to post.

Every time that you start you CL Posting Software it checks with our servers for the latest version available and performs the update automatically. You can see the what version of your poster is running by looking at the date located in the lower left hand corner of your Post Tab.

We offer a comprehensive User Guide and FAQ documentation built into the software. Also there is a ticket system built into the software for all further questions. All inquires are answered by the actual software developers, the real experts.

Yes, try CL Posting Software for 10 days absolutely free. Download the demo click here.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Spamming the internet is not only a crime, but it is also against Terms Of Use for Craigslist. If your only intention is to clog Craigslist with junk ads then please do NOT use our software! Our software is designed as an ad management tool for respectable users who are interested in increasing their productivity.

Software Use and Responsibility: As owner of Craigslist Posting Software you are responsible for the the use of this software as noted and outlined in our disclaimer. Craigslist Posting Software is not designed nor intended to be used as a spam tool, though rather a ad management tool for you to post, edit, and delete your listings with

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